The Waybury Inn

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Wine & Food Pairings

Wild Game Sampler

Oyster trio & Boar Sausage
Sparkling Wine
Quail Tortellini
Winter Salad
Roasted Pheasant with mushroom risotto
Pan seared venison medallions
Pinot Noir
Grilled Steelhead Trout
Poached Pear with Saybaone
Late Harvest Riesling

Jewels from the Pacific Northwest

Oysters with Champagne, Brie & Dill
Sparkling wine from Idaho
Timberline Ale and Tillamook cheddar soup
Crispy Pinot Grigio from Oregon
Pacific Coho Salmon Coulibac
Chardonnay from Washington State
Medallions of Venison with Morel sauce
Velvety Pinot Noir from Oregon’s coast
Wildflower salad with Hazelnut Vinaigrette
Gerwertzimmer from British Columbia
Sweet Cherry Tart
Sauterne from British Columbia

Presidential Favorites

Venison Carpaccio & Oyster Trio – Andrew Jackson
Sparkling Wine
Quail Tortellini – John Tyler
Coolidge Salad – Calvin Coolidge
Filet Mignon – Abraham Lincoln
Wine Braised Sea Bass – G. Washington
Pan Seared Lamb Chops – Chester Arthur
Patriotic Apple Pie
Sautéed apples in puff pastry served with butter pecan ice cream
Late Harvest Riesling

Oscar Night at the Waybury Inn

Gosford Park Reception
English hors d’oeuvres
Norma Jean – a young Merlot
Lord of the Rings appetizer
Scallops and salmon mousse
Selaks Sauvignon Blanc
Moulin Rouge entrée
Filet Mignon
Marilyn Merlot
In the Bedroom entrée
Steamed lobster tails
Cinnabar Chardonnay
Oscar Salad
Bibb lettuce with assorted sprouts
Cinnabar Chardonnay
A Beautiful Mind dessert
Sponge cake with fruit & caramel fondue
Elio Perrone Moscato d’Asti

Sensations from Spain

Tortillas de Patatas
Potatoes, onions & olives wrapped in a thin omelette “tortilla”
Sauvignon Blanc
Spanish Harlem Salad
Orange & Jimica slices on Bibb lettuce with citrus & walnut oil vinaigrette
Pinot Grigio
Oca Con Pera
Roasted goose with caramelized pears
Pinot Noir
Merluza Koskera
Mild white fish sautéed with clams, asparagus, peas and white wine
Tarta De Santiago
A Galician Almond Tart
Sparkling Wine

All food & wine pairing are $55. per person. Minimum 20 persons

All prices are subject to applicable taxes and 19% service charge