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Served Dinners

Please know that we can do most anything (within reason!)
you’d like based upon your likes and dislikes as well as budget.

We do not require you to send out the menus to guests and then stress over not getting them back; once you choose up to four entrée choices, we prepare a menu that your guests choose from on the day of the event.

You can email us at or give us a call at 802-388-4015 and we’d be happy to answer any questions or make some suggestions other than below.

Sample menu choices

Choice of freshly made soup – hot or chilled
Refreshing Salad – Garden or Pine Room Salad

Choose one from each category – Up to four entree’s 

Hand carved prime rib of beef
Served with appropriate vegetable and starch

Hanger Steak
A 7 oz. flat iron steak lightly seasoned with black peppercorn and thyme, grilled and
served with a fire roasted tomato puree accompanied with a roasted tomato and a
shaving of Reggiano Parmesan

Grilled Flank Steak
Flank steak marinated with red wine and herbs grilled and served with roasted
shallots, garlic, shitake mushrooms and a cabernet brown sauce

Petit Filet of Beef
Grilled tenderloin medallion served on a roasted portabella mushroom cap filled with
Boursin cheese, with a cabernet thyme brown sauce

Boneless Breast of Chicken
Served with appropriate vegetable and starch

Autumn Chicken
Sautéed boneless breast of chicken with shallots and green apples
served with a cider demi glaze

Woodland Chicken
Sautéed boneless breast of chicken with leeks and woodland mushrooms seasoned
with garlic and fresh thyme served with a Madeira demi glaze

Baked Chicken Dijoinnase
Baked boneless breast of chicken seasoned with mustard and horseradish coated
with Panko and black sesame seeds served on a bed of seared spinach and sweet
chili soy and ginger sauce

Southwest Chicken
Pan seared breast of chicken dusted with toasted cumin and coriander
served with a roasted corn salsa

Tuscan Chicken
Sautéed with vine ripe tomato, artichoke hearts, garlic and basil, finished with a
Chardonnay butter sauce and garnished with a parmesan crisp

Basque-Style Chicken with Peppers
Boneless breast of chicken simmered with savory tomato, onion and herbs and then
topped with slowly cooked colorful bell peppers and crispy fried Proscuitto

Atlantic salmon Filet
Served with appropriate vegetable and starch

Salmon Mimosa
Grilled salmon fillet served with confetti vegetables and a Champagne
orange beurre blanc sauce

Teriyaki Salmon
Grilled Salmon fillet basted with a teriyaki glaze and served with a
cucumber and red onion salad

Salmon Picatta
Pan seared Atlantic salmon served with a shallot, caper,
lemon white wine butter sauce

Salmon & Artichoke Gratin
Baked fillet of salmon with a shrimp artichoke heart & cheese filling
served with a sherry cream sauce

Sweet and Spicy Salmon
Grilled Atlantic salmon filet served with a sweet chili, hot mustard and wine glaze
then served on a warm baguette crouton and seared baby greens

Salmon and Berries
Grilled salmon fillet lightly dusted with pink peppercorns and accompanied with
seasonal berries and a balsamic vinegar reduction

Served with appropriate starch

Baked spinach lasagna
Wide egg noodles layered with mozzarella, mushrooms,
spinach and a trio of cheeses

Portobello Wellington
Portobello mushroom cap filled with seared spinach and herb cheese, it is then
wrapped with puff pastry, baked and served with a creamy basil pesto sauce

Tuscan-Style sweet bell pepper
Stuffed sweet bell pepper with orzo pasta, tomato, kalamata olives, capers fresh
mozzarella and parmesan baked and served with marinara

Roasted vegetable Phyllo Package
Seasonal roasted vegetables seasoned with fresh herbs, garlic and sun-dried tomato
baked in Phyllo pastry and served with a red sweet bell pepper coulis

Gingerbread with a caramel sauce and whipped cream
Chocolate éclair with a Grand Mariner custard and chocolate ganache
Chocolate Buttermilk cake with chocolate ganache served with vanilla ice cream
Seasonal Inn made Mousse
Allow our Chef to create an incredible seasonal dessert

Our Chef creates the wedding cake of your dreams, just get us a picture of the cake you’d like and she will duplicate it down to the last bead of frosting – see some cakes in our gallery

All menus are subject to Vermont tax and a 20% service charge