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Meetings & Retreats

Is there a difference between a meeting and a retreat?  Our Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary (an old but reliable advisor) tells us that a meeting can be “an act or process of coming together: as an assembly for a common purpose.” Retreat is primarily defined as “an act or process of withdrawing esp. from what is difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable” it also is defined as “a place of privacy and safety”.  When the word changes slightly to refuge, the definition becomes: “a period of group withdrawal for prayer, meditation, study and instruction under a director,”  Our take is that they can be considered one and the same, but we favor the more romantic notion of the retreat definition.

Whichever term that you prefer we want you to find your “refuge” at the Waybury Inn, where we are dedicated to providing the best of space and amenities for your “withdrawal for meditation and study”.  We are well equipped to provide:

  • Meeting space for 15 to 25 individuals with flexibility in its design.
  • Internet service.
  • Meal service designed specifically for your group.
  • Breakout space throughout the Inn.
  • All business services.
  • Enhanced cell phone service.
  • Guest Rooms with distinction.
  • Meeting planning service and coordination.

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