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Waybury Inn Group Event & Covid 19 Protocols

Covid 19 has changed our lives, the way we do business, and it has altered the way that we socialize with one another. The Waybury Inn is an establishment where socializing is a key element of our business, but we realize that it must be balanced with a new level of safety and security. As you contemplate your upcoming event at the Waybury we want you to know that we are following all the safety measures that we have received from the various health organizations here in Vermont and nationally. The following are procedures that we have adopted, and we ask your support and assistance in keeping everyone safe and healthy at the Inn.  See here for all Vermont covid protocals

• Our staff will always wear a mask and gloves (gloves are changed each time after leaving the guest area).
• We require that all guests wear a mask when not at their private table. If you forget your mask, we will provide one from our supply.
• Guest masks can obviously be removed while at your own table but must be put on when a staff member approaches the table for service.
• Tables are spaced eight feet apart.
• At arrival we will need to obtain each person’s name and contact information.
• If there are guests that are outside of the Vermont map of approved counties we may need to ask that you complete a state document, Certificate of Compliance, which certifies that you know and have followed all compliance requirements.
• We require that social distancing be followed.
• We will provide sanitation stations throughout the Inn.
• We will sanitize the restrooms; door handles and commonly used areas throughout the service period.
• It is easy to forget and drop our guard through a social event and part of our new job is to offer friendly reminders to maintain mask wearing, standing apart and wash frequently. So, if one of our staff offers a reminder please, accept that they have your best interest and others in mind.
• It is all pretty simple stuff and by working together we can have our socialization and leave the party happy and healthy.

There are few moments in one’s life that are more memorable or poignant than the day of their wedding.  Family, friends, and your very special partner get to be the sole focus of your attention for a few short days, during which you fondly reflect on your life so far, and excitedly imagine your future.  The most important ingredient in this period of time and place is that of family and friends. Without them, past pleasures and memories would not be nearly as sweet.

Intimate Setting, Distinctive Catering

We believe that the next critical element of this special event is its location and venue.  A well selected wedding venue can be the foundation that allows you to enjoy your company and time on your wedding day. The Waybury Inn is a personal yet professional partner, ready to assist you throughout the wedding planning process, from our first meeting through the event’s conclusion.  We are prepared to be as actively involved as you desire and can provide advice on many of the key elements of your event: the florist, photographer, band or DJ, linens, cake, hair stylist and social outings for you and your guests.

We offer an informal “tasting” so that you may see and taste choices before you decide, and discuss the menu for your reception and dinner with our Chef. We have decades of experience, with a wide variety of wedding plans, and appreciate every opportunity  to help create a memorable occasion.

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Other Special Events

Anniversaries, birthdays, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and Remembrances are treated with the same care at the Inn as a wedding celebration.  We appreciate the confidence that you place with us and will always work diligently to assure that your expectations are fulfilled.

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