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Spring is arriving in Vermont!

Spring is roaring through the state and there is such beauty in the transition from Winter.  Snow is melting and the streams are beginning to open and flow mightily down the mountains and rush to the rivers and lakes.

The sweetest season in Vermont is upon us, maple sugaring season!  Have you ever wondered how maple syrup and other maple products are made?  The next 3 weeks is your opportunity to find out.  Did you know it takes 50 gallons of sap to make just one gallon of syrup, this is where it gets the term “liquid gold”.

Not only is it a great time to visit as room rates are low and activities abound – call us and let us know you saw this and get even more a special deal on rooms!!

Ski areas are winding down and close with great celebration, pond skimming replaces the slalom course.  Nordic skiing becomes cross country track and baseball replaces hockey.  It’s an exciting transition, more electrifying than spring to summer or summer to fall.  Vermont brings this magical transition to us all in such a beautiful way, come and visit the Inn and take a look for yourself.

The Innkeepers – Tracey and Joe Sutton

Vermont is Special

What makes the Waybury Inn a special place?

This topic could be covered, to some extent, with one word and that word is people.  The diverse and interesting guests that visit the Inn come from across the globe and bring short glimpses of very different cultures and experiences.  Language differences and food curiosity can be a challenge for the guest as well as the Inn’s staff but almost always the experience turns out to be a delight and we all gain by the exchange.  We are grateful for all those that elect to trust our Inn and staff with hard earned time off and always strive to provide the very best of service and experience.  In our next blog we will carry this people theme to introduce some our staff and leaders at the Inn for they are the ones that carry out the mission of service and hospitality.