The Waybury Inn

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Wine List

We take a lot of time to select wines for our customers’ enjoyment.  We offer a fairly broad selection of both domestic and international wines to pair with our menus as well as to meld with the season, warming red wines for the winter and cold crisp whites in the summer. We’ve got fabulous Pinots from Oregon and elegant Champagnes from France and beyond.

“Once, during Prohibition, I was forced to live for days on nothing but food and water.”
~ W. C. Fields

Dom Perignon $237.00
Roederer $35.00
Sophia $20.00
Moet White Star $20.00

Fess Parker Chardonnay $20.00
Bernier Chardonnay $15.00
Villa Maria Chardonnay $20.00
Trefethen Chardonnay $25.00
Mondavi Chardonnay $10.00
14 Hands Chardonnay $16.00
Charlotte Village Chardonnay $25.00

Teifenbrunner Pinot Grigo $20.00
Owen Roe Pinot Grigo $20.00
Mac Murrary Pinot Grigo $22.00
Mezzacarona Pinot Grigo $15.00
Charlotte Village Pinot Grigo $25.00

Trefethen Reisling $25.00
Chateau St. Michelle Reisling $15.00
Schmitt Sohne Riesling $10.00

Oyster Bay Sauvingon Blanc $18.00
La Ville Rose $12.00
Octave Vino Verde $10.00

Charlotte Village Cabernet $25.00
14 Hands Cabernet $15.00
Trefethan Cabernet $28.00
Mondavi Cabernet $10.00
Simi Cabernet $22.00
Coppola Cabernet $22.00
Stags Leap Cabernet $35.00
Bonterra Cabernet (organic) $15.00

Kenwood Yulupa Pinot Noir $15.00
Rex Hill Pinot Noir $28.00
Four Graces Pinot Noir $28.00
J Pinot Noir $35.00
J Lohr Pinot Noir $20.00

Blackstone Merlot $16.00
Trefethan Merlot $30.00
Mondavi Merlot $10.00

Colores D Malbec $10.00
Alamos Malbec $22.00
Footbolt Shiraz $22.00
ExUmris Shiaz $25.00
J. Lohr Syrah $10.00
St. Frances $22.00

Full bar service is also available for cocktails any time.

Prices and items are subject to change.