The Waybury Inn

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Sunday Brunch


We no longer offer our buffet, we’ve modified the ala carte menu to suite the need for a late breakfast or lunch

Please note we will still offer holiday buffets such as Easter, Mothers Day, Thanksgiving, New Years Day and others that will be charged differently – please call for current pricing and times available at 388-4015 for the brunch buffet event you would like to attend 

A La Carte Service
(prices & items are subject to change)

Eggs Benedict and other Elegant Eggs
Classic Eggs Benedict with ham & hollandaise $11.55
Tomato Florentine Benedict served with hollandaise $11.55
Smoked Salmon Benedict with dill Béarnaise $12.50
Pan seared Crab cake with poached egg, hollandaise & asparagus $12.50

The Country Inn’s Griddle
Three Buttermilk Pancakes & breakfast potatoes $10.50
Waybury Inn French Toast, a fresh baguette sliced and filled with a sweetened cream cheese
and fruit filling, lightly battered and grilled $10.50
Griddle items come with a choice of sausage,
smoked bacon or country ham

Steak and Eggs
Fuel your day with a hearty serving of steak and eggs,
toast and breakfast fries $14.85

The Sunday Three Egg Omelets
A fluffy omelet with tomato, brie, scallion and basil.
Crispy Proscuitto, shiitake mushroom and Swiss cheese omelet.
Both with your choice of toast and home fries $10.50

Sweet Temptations
The Inn is recognized throughout the Region for its exceptional baking, all of the desserts are baked fresh daily at the Inn

Melted Monterey Jack cheese served with salsa and sour cream.
Our Grande Nachos are layered with chicken, scallions, olives, jalapenos and cilantro.
Gringo $8.00 Grande $12.50 Add a side of Guacamole for $1.75

Chicken or Shrimp Quesadilla
Your choice of seasoned and grilled chicken breast or luscious shrimp placed inside flour tortillas along with Monterey Jack Cheese, jalapeno, cilantro and scallions. The tortillas are quickly sautéed and
served with salsa, sour cream and guacamole $11.25

Buffalo wings
Our Buffalo style wings are as hot as your mood dictates and are served with blue cheese dipping sauce and crisp celery $13.00

Caesar Salad
The classic $8.00

Santa Fe Salad
Mesclun mix with black bean salsa, tomatoes and cucumbers, crowned with crispy corn tortilla strips and dressed with a cilantro lime dressing $8.00

Enhance either salad with one of your favorites
Crispy Calamari $5.50 Grilled Chicken $4.50 Grilled Salmon $5.75

Clam Chowder
Rich and creamy chowder with clams and fresh fish ~ cup $4.50 / Bowl $5.50

Route 125 Burger
A half pound of grass fed Boyden Farm beef topped with Cabot cheddar, accompanied with lettuce, tomato, onion and served on a toasted bun with golden French fries $13.50

Fish and Chips
Our white fish is coated in Otter Creek beer batter and fried to a golden brown, served with fries and, of course, malt vinegar $17.00

Cajun Chicken Sandwich
Grilled chicken breast dusted with cajun seasoning, topped with Cabot pepper jack cheese and fried onions,
served with home-made waffle fries $13.00

Brief History of “The Toast”

Legend has it that the term “Toast” came into being in the 16th century, long before the art of winemaking was refined. The wine of the time was far from critically acclaimed and it became customary to put a piece of toast or a crouton into the drink to either improve the flavor or act as a filter to assist in enjoyment of the brew. The act of draining the glass came to be described as “drinking a toast.”

“Drinking a Toast” to almost anything became immensely popular in the 17th and 18th centuries. When the gathering would run out of attendees to toast, it became custom to toast absent friends, thus prolonging the drinking. It was during this period, the heyday of the toast, that the position of Toastmaster came into being. A sort of party referee, with the duty to assure that everyone got a fair chance to offer toasts.

American Brunch Libations

 Eastern Shore Bloody Mary $7.00
The classic Sunday morning eye opener, ours is made with a hint of clam juice, horseradish, spices & fresh lemon juice

 “Mary & the boys” $8.00
Our classic bloody Mary served with 3 large shrimp on a skewer

 Sunday’s Mimosa $7.00
A timeless brunch concoction with sparkling wine and orange juice, thought by many to make the consumer wiser.

 Satan’s Whiskers $7.00
Sweet & dry vermouth, gin, orange juice & a splash of Grand Marnier.

 Bellini $7.00
Sparkling wine with peach schnapps

“The only time I ever said no to a drink was when I misunderstood the question.”
~~Will Sinclair