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Fly, hang glide, festivals and biking around Vermont

In Vermont, you can take a charter flight or learn to fly in several different types of aircraft, including sea planes and gliders. Our mountains and lakes look great from the ground and even better from the sky. Choose between helicopter rides, charter plane rides, go soaring or try out sky diving or hang gliding, Hot air ballooning is a popular activity in Vermont and our balloon festivals are not to be missed.  Here are some other festivals to consider while you are here.

Love to bike and explore the picturesque senic beauty that nature has to offer?  Vermont is just the place, whether you want a flat and short ride or a vigorous trek through the many hills and valleys, this is the spot for you.  Home to the grueling Gran Fondo race to a leisurely ride see some routes here.
Biking in Vermont

We’ve partnered with several bike touring companies in the last years, many of these bike companies provide a full week guided service that gives guests an opportunity to travel from inn to inn on bike or if the weather is bad there is always a van that can take you to your next destination – most bike groups provide private tours or self guided tours for those who choose not to be with a group.
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