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Our Staff

Anyone that has owned or managed a business knows that there are many elements that have to fall into place for the venture to succeed.  While the list of important considerations is a long one, we believe that the single most important component to assuring consistent guest service is the staff.  We are fortunate to have a great culinary staff that collectively total 80 years of service at the Waybury Inn.  Our kitchen is blessed with dedicated professionals that produce all of our menu items from scratch and attend to the food that is prepared for the dining rooms, catering and off site catering.  You can always contact our Chef directly for culinary issues before arrival at the Inn through the following email address:

The Inn’s “Front of the House” is in equally capable hands with our Food and Beverage Director.  Her 30 years of experience in directing dining room, bar and catering service staff brings consistent and knowledgeable service to every table.  Our wine list and wines by the glass are carefully selected for price, menu item pairing and enjoyable drinking.  The same attention to detail and hand crafting is present in our beer selections and our classic to unique liquor drinks.  You may access our Food and Beverage Director prior to arrival for any dining details at:

The Inn is always striving to provide a highly balance product, to include landscaping, housekeeping, maintenance, guest rooms, dining rooms, dining service and menu items.  It’s the staff that you see in these photos that provide the balance and the hospitable service that makes travel memorable.

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