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“Lets do lunch!”

11:30am – 2:00pm
Wednesday – Sunday

  • Appetizers
    Shrimp and Artichoke Gratin $8.75
    A savory blend of shrimp, artichoke hearts & parmesan cheese baked in a casserole and
    served with our crusty baguette
    Blue Ledge Farm Goat cheese $7.00
    Herb crusted goat cheese medallion quick fired and served with a crusty baguette and
    tomato and basil confit
    The Ploughman’s Platter $8.25
    A roasted garlic bulb accompanied by a pot of herbed goat cheese and
    olive tapenade, served with a fresh baguette for spreading
    Smoked trout mousse $7.00
    Duck Trap smoked trout blended with cream cheese, wine, horseradish, scallion and dill accompanied by cornichons, pickled red onion and crusty bread

Soups and Salads
Soup of the Season $4.50 A fresh creation from our Chef
Clam Chowder $5.50 Rich and creamy
French Onion $5.25 A classic beef broth with onions, crouton and melted Swiss cheese
Santa Fe Salad $7.00
Mesclun mix with black bean salsa, tomatoes and cucumbers, crowned with crispy corn
tortilla strips and topped with a cilantro lime dressing
Caesar Salad $7.00
The classic with romaine and our Caesar dressing, home made croutons and whole anchovies are always available
Pine Room Salad $7.00
Mesclun greens topped with dried cranberries, dried apricots, and toasted walnuts,
served with maple vinaigrette
Caprese Salad $7.00
Sliced vine-ripened tomatoes and Maple Brook fresh mozzarella served with kalamata olives and basil oil drizzle
Spinach Salad $7.00
Baby spinach, hard cooked egg, red onion, gorgonzola cheese, bacon and croutons,
served with a Dijon vinaigrette
Add either – Grilled Chicken $4.50 – Grilled Salmon $6.50

Burgers and Sandwiches
Ham and Swiss $10.95
o Served on toasted ciabatta with honey mustard
Turkey BLT $11.75
o On toasted wheat with lettuce, vine ripened tomatoes and mayo
Smoked Salmon $13.25
o Thinly sliced with dill cream cheese, red onions, capers, and vine ripened tomatoes served on a toasted ciabatta
Cajun Chicken Sandwich $11.25
o Grilled chicken breast dusted with Cajun seasoning, topped with Cabot pepper jack cheese and fried onions
Route 125 Cheddar Burger $12.75
o 8 oz of grilled, locally raised, ground beef and Cabot cheddar accompanied with lettuce, tomato, onion and served on a toasted bun
All burgers and sandwiches are served with home-made waffle fries or Cole Slaw
Add a cup of soup $2.50 Add a cup of chowder $ 3.50

Hand crafted Vermont beers on tap
We have 6 hand crafted Vermont beers on tap that change with the seasons

Wines by the glass
14 Hands Chardonnay and Cabernet $6.75
Montinore Pinot Noir $8.75 Montinore and Pinot Gris $7.75
Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio $8.50
Chateau St Michelle Riesling $6.25
Sea Glass Sauvignon Blanc $7.25
Los Cardos and La Linda Malbec $6.75

Reservations are very welcome – please call 802-388-4015

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Great reasons why should you come to the Waybury Inn!

Why should you come to Middlebury, Vermont and stay at the Waybury Inn? Well, there are a great number of experiences that you will remember for a long time and here are the current top five:

• Hospitality at the Inn is genuine, our rooms are unique and a little rustic, our meals are prepared fresh while
embracing our great local products.
• Our downtown shops have unique and wonderful products of Vermont artists.
• A walk in the Vermont woods does the heart and soul a great deal of good.
• Middlebury College is an exceptional liberal arts college and has art exhibits and performances that are first class
• Our Saturday Farmers Market is the best in the Northeast and is in business until December 27.
So, that’s five good reasons but there are hundreds of others that are waiting for you to find.

Holidays in Vermont

The excitement of the holiday season is so close we can reach out and touch it – at least if advertising influences us to believe that we need to get into gear and start planning parties, dinners, shopping and generally spending big money to have a good time.  Vermont is an alternative to the commercial build up that consumes us this time of year.  We have great shopping for all things that are hand crafted, artistic and worth keeping for years to come.  We also have mountains, hikes and exceptional hospitality to make the trip over these holidays worthwhile – set your GPS for Middlebury, Vermont for a holiday experience that is sensibly rewarding.

Fly Fishing

“Leaping through the rainbow spray, snatching flies the livelong day. Naught to do but live and play” – .R.H. Russell 1902

– To many, fly fishing is Brad Pitt, in a “River Runs Through It” as a skillful fly fisherman without the frills of waders and a thousand pounds of equipment, making beautiful sweeping casts that always located a fat rainbow trout. He clarified his priorities by declaring that there are two things that you cannot be late for – church and fishing! I like to think of his uncomplicated style and keep fly fishing as simple as possible. Fishing with a fly is really an effort to duplicate the insect that the fish is interested in snapping up as a snack and putting it out in the general direction of where the fish is located. After that nature takes its course, which does not necessarily mean that you catch a trout.

There is a delicacy about fly fishing that is different from other styles of fishing, it is not dependent on a motor speeding you from place to place on the lake and it is not dependent on the latest lure that flashes through the water on down riggers. Fishing with the fly is more primitive and rustic. It is standing in a stream and reading some vague signs that are pretty unclear, tying on a fly that you are unsure matches the interest of the fish that you are not sure exists in this particular stretch of river. After a few hours of attempting to match wits with a fish you realize that there has been a great deal of pleasure with the standoff and as you climb from the stream R.H. comes to into mind “naught to do but live and play”.

The Middlebury River is a great place to “live and play” and is free to all visitors of the Waybury Inn.

Spring is arriving in Vermont!

Spring is roaring through the state and there is such beauty in the transition from Winter.  Snow is melting and the streams are beginning to open and flow mightily down the mountains and rush to the rivers and lakes.  Sap is flowing, green leaves emerge and our beautiful winter snow slowly melts away.

Ski areas are winding down and close with great celebration, pond skimming replaces the slalom course.  Nordic skiing becomes cross country track and baseball replaces hockey.  It’s an exciting transition, more electrifying than spring to summer or summer to fall.  Vermont brings this magical transition to us all in such a beautiful way, come and visit the Inn and take a look for yourself.

The Innkeepers – Tracey and Joe Sutton

Vermont is Special

What makes the Waybury Inn a special place?

This topic could be covered, to some extent, with one word and that word is people.  The diverse and interesting guests that visit the Inn come from across the globe and bring short glimpses of very different cultures and experiences.  Language differences and food curiosity can be a challenge for the guest as well as the Inn’s staff but almost always the experience turns out to be a delight and we all gain by the exchange.  We are grateful for all those that elect to trust our Inn and staff with hard earned time off and always strive to provide the very best of service and experience.  In our next blog we will carry this people theme to introduce some our staff and leaders at the Inn for they are the ones that carry out the mission of service and hospitality.

Fall in Vermont

Each season in Vermont offers a unique beauty that is very special. If you are a fan of the out of doors there is a new delight with each of the four seasons. In the current season the trails throughout the Green Mountains are scatted with a tapestry of leaves and the air is fresh with poignant smells of autumn. Since this is a blog for and from the Waybury Inn I would be remiss (and crazy) not to mention that this is also the time of the year that traffic to Vermont and our Inn is less hectic than the summer months – so, in addition to all of the season’s virtues the cost of staying with us is discounted but our service is as quality driven as any time of the year. Please visit our Specials Page to check on our fall rates and set sail for a divine Vermont experience.